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Thursday, August 23 2018
This morning I carefully went through the edging pieces that had come with the roofing panels, matching them up to images in an installation guide PDF (viewed on my Chromebook). In so doing, I realized I had too much bottom drip-edge and not enough side edge. Indeed, I had enough bottom drip-edge to make a side out of it (which would probably work). But it seemed better to report the error to the supplier, much as I'd reported (with photographs) the problems with nailheads marring a sheet of material from an imperfect crating job. Clearly someone needs to start drug-testing their staff. (For her part, Gretchen blames the fuckups on the supplier being a Christian company; she'd seen a Jesus Fish on some of their materials. Everybody knows Christian X is crappier than regular X. Don't think so? How about some Christian pop?)
Gretchen was still feeling a little sick, so carried through on my promise to make her "sick soup." The ingredients are: ten teaspoons of faux chicken bouillon, ten cups of water, a third of a block of tofu (cut into small cubes), three garlic cloves cut finely, a large amount of greens (in this case, bok choy from the garden) and a package of rice noodles, the noodles all broken in half. It took me about fifteen minutes to make, and at the last minute I squirted in a generous amount of sriracha to give it a mild zing. Gretchen was pleased with the result.

Later I checked Weather Underground ( and saw that rain was unlikely out into the foreseeable future, so it seemed like a good idea to remove the tarp from the roof of the screened-in porch and begin the work of installing the new roofing. I had enough bottom drip edge, certainly, so I installed that, battling incoming mosquitoes the whole time.

This evening there was an unusually short diaspora happy hour. All the "non-losers" (as Allison put it) were at The Organization's annual retreat, and we thought maybe Dan was already at Burning Man (though he wasn't). So that just left me and Allison. I drank a beer as we talked a little about her job and the culture of its Slack channels. She says there is a lot less banter and small talk, and a lot less brain storming, which she seemed to find a little cold.

With the tarp removed, this is what the screened-in porch looked like today, viewed from the northeast.

The porch from inside, viewed from the northwest corner. This photo was taken before the Adirondacks vacation.

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