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   August 2018

01: bombing badly - A job interview goes poorly.
02: those aren't jalapeños - High water at big deep and a heavy-drinking lupper in Woodstock.
03: even though it was on casters - A big run to the dump, getting rid of carpet fragments and empty steel tanks that had contained gas.
04: pine seedlings in the gutter - Cleaning jihad before leaving for another week in the Adirondacks.
05: looking for flytraps - A plant on the porch convinced me that perhaps venus flytraps can be found on Twenty Ninth Pond.
06: Ramona vanishes in the Adirondacks - The dogs chase after something exciting, probably a bear, but only Neville returns.
07: Schroedinger's dog - You don't know whether your dog is alive or dead until you (or someone else) has contact with your dog.
08: failed equalization - I can't get EqualizerAPO to work on my laptop, but Windows has some well-hidden controls that prove helpful.
09: a lot like vindication - Rumblings of a huge post-firing shakeup at the organization that had employed me until about two months ago.
10: Throckmorton flies south - Also, late night dog adventures.
11: they don't seem quite like red squirrels - The creatures who show up while I'm quietly surfing my phone at the nearby cellphone spot.
12: anachronisms in country music - Listening to how the red state people think as we drive home through the Adirondacks.
13: ritalin the rain - I lose a job opportunity due to being a college dropout.
14: a win on the marginal rustbuckets I drive - Replacing front brakeshoes.
15: baby skunk of Woodstock - The dogs go nuts about something unseen on the other side of the fence during dinner with some photogenic Buddhists.
16: arbitrary mathematical precision - Learning a new backend for a job I don't even have.
17: explode in error messages - Somehow I put in an eighteen hour day without earning any money.
18: trifecta of converging sleepiness intensifiers - After three solid days of the hardest work I've ever put into anything, I arrange to fall asleep and do so soundly.
19: emo crow - After yet another long day in front of a computer earning no money, I go on a mushroom hunt and hear a crow make a weird sound.
20: Gretchen's terrible day - One little rage-inducer after another.
21: handtruck virtuoso - We finally get an order of roofing that, while damaged, can be used.
22: maybe too many chanterelles - Though the problem might be that I am eating them cold.
23: Christian X is crappier - A possible explanation for missing pieces in the standing-seam roofing kit I am trying to install.
24: bear that doesn't climb trees - Can't use the usual technique of pulling away the dogs when the bear is on the ground. Also: some depressing job hunt events.
25: comedy in the Rondout - Gretchen and I see a surprisingly good show of (mostly) local standup comedy.
26: a somewhat ridiculous place for a vise - At least it's not taking up space in the garage.
27: careful with that Japanese pull saw - Injuring myself while finishing the last of the strips around screen in the screened-in porch.
28: standing seam installation - I install all the roofing panels on Gretchen's new screened-in porch.
29: boomerang job - Maybe I really am going to get that software development job across the Hudson.
30: driving an overloaded Subaru - What it's like to bottom-out repeatedly while driving a car loaded with hundreds of pounds of firewood.
31: understanding with a wasp - I don't kill her even after she stings me.