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Thursday, August 16 2018
As I'd mentioned earlier, this week I finally advanced the farthest yet with a prospective employer, and they sent me a code challenge. At my leisure, I was to build a webapp with any technology I wanted to use. Today I looked at it and initially it didn't seem too difficult, at least with the ad hoc PHP and Javascript I love best. Since I've been teaching myself React (a frontend technology) and the backend for this prospective employer is a framework called Symfony, I decided to do all the work using those. By this evening, I was wondering if perhaps I'd bitten off a bit more than I could ever swallow. I started with the backend, building out REST API endpoints to deliver JSON. But Symfony had a way of making things that are normally effortless into big involved chores. But I managed to get everything hooked up to a database and, after some struggling, I even managed to automate the building of some of the model PHP using the schema in MySQL.
At a certain point, the work was so maddening that I had to take a break doing something completely different. I grabbed the six foot step ladder and moved it into Gretchen's screened-in porch and proceeded to add the wooden stripping around the long, flat triangle between the roof and the wall on its north end. Some tricky cuts were involved, and I also had to do some caulking and painting. This sort of work was exactly the sort of break I needed from the infuriatingly arbitrary mathematical precision that today's backend web frameworks impose.

Later I joined the diaspora happy hour, where the rumors were exhilarating and even inspiring. I was feeling so good about the recent changes at my former workplace that I actually submitted an application on, though it's likely that someone as freshly and outrageously fired will never be rehired, no matter how complete the ongoing shakeup. Rumor has it that the shakeup will soon take out the twenty-something Director of Development, whose suspiciously cozy relationship with the just-fired president ought to be damning enough.
Gretchen joined the happy hour briefly, and I became aware of an email she'd recently sent The Organization's founder. In that, she was delightfully specific about the compromised nature of the current Director of Development. Interesting times!

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