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   trifecta of converging sleepiness intensifiers
Saturday, August 18 2018
I was up again early, far too early given how late I'd fallen asleep last night. Certainly by 7:00am I was back working on that Symfony-React project and occasionally still running into difficulties that took distressingly long for me to figure out. I kept the door of the laboratory shut so I could focus on the work and pretty much lost track of time. At around 11:00am, Gretchen came in to ask if I wanted to join her and Chrissy for pancakes and coffee out on the east deck.
Last night Chrissy had to abandon the screened-in porch and move to the living room couch due to a persistent metallic dripping sound (it had been raining at the time). As for Chongo, he'd been wandering around the house in a persistently-bored state. Apparently he never figured out how to use the pet door, and that accounted for the small pile of very dry droppings I removed from the teevee room carpet. Chongo was good with the cats, so long as they didn't run away. Diane arched her back and growled when he came near, and he responded correctly, averting his eyes and lying down. Charles arched his back and made more tonal noises, and Chongo responded similarly. I was sure Charles was going to swat him (because that's the kind of cat he is) but he never did. As for Celeste, she made the mistake of running away, so of course Chongo gave chase. There is nothing safer than an animal that is running away!
After eating the pancakes and drinking the coffee, I went into the nearby forest to look for the tree that I'd heard fall last night. I soon found it: it was a fairly large, dead chestnut oak at the precipice of the escarpment, about two hundred feet southeast of the house. It will be a good nearby source of firewood, whenever I go back to collecting that. A little north of where that tree had fallen (just a dozen feet in from the escarpment precipice and close to the south end of the artificial mound that houses our septic field), I found a few chanterelles, which I collected. But I had to hurry, because by then the local mosquitoes had begun attacking me mercilessly.
One by one, I knocked out each of the requirements for my Symfony-React project. I considered it finished at 7:00pm, as I'd achieved everything I'd needed to achieve (and resolved, as best I could, a couple contradictions in the specifications). I'd probably put 36 hours into writing that code, nearly a week of work done in only three days. I don't know of working that hard on anything else ever in my life. With a well-deserved Tecate next to my keyboard, I went through the busywork of writing up a ReadMe file and uploading everything (including a dump of the MySQL database) to my public GitHub profile. I then took a 100 milligrams of diphenhydramine and continued drinking until it all turned into a wonder, almost painful trifecta of converging sleepiness intensifiers: sleep deficit, alcohol, and the active ingredient of Benadryl. When I climbed into bed, I fell asleep almost instantly.

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