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   May 2019

01: suicide with fresh tattoos - Definitely more tragic than a tattoo-free person killing him or herself.
02: specify your rice - How to order at the Golden Wok in Red Hook, New York when you are vegan.
03: perhaps because it's organic and non-GMO - What's wrong with Late July corn chips. And Northern Spy's french fries policy.
04: Trump sticker on a Prius - Also, Neville falls out of a moving car. And I make enough room in the bathroom wall for the new medicine cabinet.
05: ballsy wren - A surprisingly loud and unflappable little bird.
06: the seams in the simulation - Really contemplating whether reality is a simulation.
07: fuck you, honeybees of Red Hook - A troubling sight on my walk back from burritos. And a good photo of a pileated woodpecker.
08: early enough to see a skunk - Driving to work at 7:00am.
09: troubles with glass - A fairly horrible day spent dealing with a hard, transparent material.
10: trouble trying to make trash into treasure - The Tibetan Center thrift store is fed by a good demographic, but there is a strong likelihood that the treasure you find is actually just trash.
11: blinkenlights and high-end pizza - Visitors from NYC get a dose of nature while I get a dose of visual spectacle.
12: hard-won solar-heated water - A morning bath on a rainy day.
13: broccoli taco Monday - A cold rainy day in May with an actual meeting at work.
14: mysterious man in the men's room - Driven to find another stall when I needed to take a dump today at work.
15: we don't call her Monie for nothing - She gets bored at work, rolls in something gross, and gives me athlete's foot.
16: a garden, ants, and jalapeñnos - Starting the garden for 2019. Also, a niche for clever birds in a big box parking lot.
17: in the aisles at Williams Lumber - A beautiful statuesque woman and fallout from a temporary building condemnation.
18: Judas Priest, 2019 - Apparently they're still a thing, and we see them live in Albany.
19: dialog between building and environment - Why I like to bury old tile and drywall near the house.
20: smell cat piss I did - Why it might be good to let the cats die off without replacement. Also, a solder joint fails after over a decade.
21: butter and trashier lettuces - Produce shopping at Adams Fairacre Farms.
22: parrot painting and prescription pills - I've gone back to hitting Gretchen's ambien supply.
23: a little too early - Arriving at work without my keys. And a bald eagle sighting near Enterprise Drive.
24: Memorial Day weekend Friday distractions - Carpenter ants, espresso, citra-hopped ale, and bears, oh my!
25: already over-gentrified - After a day of laying tile, Gretchen and I dine in a new fancy restaurant in a familiar space.
26: a medium that starts hardening the moment you mix it - Tiling the entryway, day two.
27: a dash of Portlandification - Excellent pizza arrives in Kingston, NY, and we also see the newish movie Booksmart.
28: in hopes of a slightly recreational experience - Xanax continues to only succeed at making me sleepy.
29: brindle mink - Another morning wildlife sighting.
30: without feeling like I was assraping - Things that occur to you once you're no longer a punk slacker who only cares about where your next beer is coming from.
31: never learning when not to do weird stuff - Learning about the sad case of John Dupont.