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Thursday, May 30 2019
I made my customary Thursday walk into the center of the village of Red Hook today to get that burrito at Bubby's and (today at least) to make a copy of the office key so I'd have one in each of the vehicles I drive to work. The guy who works in that hardware store in the middle of Red Hook is starting to recognize me. When I bought the key duplicate, I also bought some paracord just so I could pay for it all with my credit card without feeling like I was assraping a small downtown business. These are the things that occur to you once you're no longer a punk slacker who only cares about where your next beer is coming from.
The sun came out briefly today, but it wasn't enough to heat the household water after so many cloudy days. So when I took a bath tonight, I used the new EcoSmart tankless water heater. It's maybe a little "smarter" than the thing it replaced, though its effect on the household electricity is just as noticeable. The lights all dim whenever it is engaged, and they flicker when the water needs only intermittant heating. It's a good thing such things don't throw me into an epileptic fit.

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