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Sunday, May 26 2019
Today was day two of installing the dark greyish-green tile in the entryway. It didn't take long to finish the job, though I found all the cuts I had to make for the final row grueling and unexpectedly arduous. I was frustrated from dirty nature of the work and the unforgiving nature of a medium that starts hardening the moment you mix it. It really made me feel good that my day job is basically restricted to the arrangement of data in a computer's memory. Only later did I realize that I hadn't had any caffeine yet that day. After drinking some Red Rose tea, I took a long multi-hour nap, which felt somehow delicious. It helped that Neville the Dog joined me about half-way through.
The weather was cloudy but summery, with temperatures reaching up into the mid-80s (the highest so far this year I think).

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