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Wednesday, May 29 2019
At around 7:45 AM (not particularly early for me) as I approached the bottom of Dug Hill Road, a large weasel-like creature crossed the road in front of me going northeast to southwest. The creature was decidedly bigger than a housecat. Unusually, its coat looked superficially brindle (or perhaps somewhat patchy). This was probably the best view I'd ever had of a live mink, that is, one that hadn't been incorporated as a small part of a coat to be worn by human women.

This evening while Gretchen was at the Garden Café dining with our old college friend Kristin (who has always lived in New Paltz), I dined alone on leftover pizza. At some point, I did some final cleaning of the tile and then moved all the crap back into the front entrance of the house. This crap consisted of an old marble-covered cast iron sewing table (where we put things like car keys, wallets, flashlights, and nature field guides), a whimsical chest of drawers designed to resemble a cello (something Gretchen bought after I moved in with her in Brooklyn), and all of our shoes (which formed a surprisingly monochrome black blob when all together in a single pile).
Later I drank kratom tea and re-watched some scenes from Booksmart from the comfort of my laboratory. The reason it's already available on Bittorrent, I learned, is because it was released internationally on Netflix at the same instant as it was released to American theaters, apparently with the assumption that the United States uses a separate internet. It's corporate behavior like that which will always make Bittorrent a useful tool in any free-living person's tool belt.

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