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Friday, May 10 2019
There was a lot of roadkill this morning on the drive into work. There was a dead deer somewhere (I think on US 209) surrounded by bits of plastic car detritus, probably from the car that had killed it. And then on Middle Road I saw a dead opossum (this seems to be the season they, unlike squirrels, mostly get roadkilled in) and a raccoon.

It's always a little festive in the office on Fridays. The Friday pizza ritual seems to have gone the way of the elephant bird, but today a food truck ("Papa's Best") was out in the parking lot (an occurrence that was even mentioned in a company-wide email from the head honcho). I looked up Papa's Best online and quickly found they offered no vegan options. Partly out of disgust at that, and partly in search of my festive Friday lunch experience, I set out on foot towards the center of Red Hook. A light drizzle was falling at the time, but you already know how I feel about walking in a light spring rain. Unfortunately, the rain soon turned into a minor downpour. But I kept walking for another half block or so until it was obvious I would be soaked. At that point I turned around and returned to my office building, where I would be eating pupusas and sauerkraut for lunch. In the bathroom, I managed to soak up most of the rain on me using paper towels. It mostly just on the tops of my shoulders and in my hair. With that taken care of, it took only an hour or so sitting at my desk for my body heat to burn away the rest.
At 4:02pm, I ended my day and climbed into my Subaru, where a Ballast Point Sculpin had been waiting for me all day. It had been a cloudy day, but I was nevertheless surprised to find it was still reasonably cold. On my way home, I went out of my way to visit the Tibetan Center thrift store, mostly because I wanted to take advantage of any spring cleaning being undertaken by the demographic whose first inclination is to support the Tibetan Center (it's a much better demographic than the one that takes their shit to the Salvation Army). I found two things worth getting: an old Logitech webcam (I'm not a brand person, but that's a good brand) and a cheap Chinese wireless travel mouse, complete with USB dongle. Unfortunately, neither of these devices worked when I tested them back at home. The webcam got warm, but that was all. That's the risk you take when you're trying to make trash into treasure. Fortunately, the two things had only cost me $1 total.

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