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   a steady stream of accomplishments
Thursday, July 8 2021
A happy life requires a steady stream of accomplishments, part of the human condition hacked by videogames to, as a mere side effect of a business model, squander vast amounts of human potential. I've been known to waste my time playing videogames, but I recognize them for what they are and mostly avoid them, much as I avoid other pitfalls (debt, lottery tickets, and the allure of the shiny and new). Part of what makes my current job unpleasant (despite the salary and the nearly-ideal working conditions) is that it provides little in the way of accomplishments. I apply my knowledge and occasionally get things done, but it's rare that I learn something or do anything that rises to sublime level of some of my past workplace accomplishments (for example: the building of the College Club code deployment system after only a month of exposure to the language I wrote it in). Today, though, I managed a modest accomplishment: adding a new endpoint to the C# services powering the sprawling web application partially-built by the Ukrainian team before we ran out of money. It was a simple endpoint for a particular need. I wanted to produce a hash of a tiny one-character password using the site's hashing algorithm so I could use that password instead of the unnecessarily-lengthy password the Ukrainians had come up with (which has been a huge pain to type and retype every time ng serve re-serves the page and logs me out). My method worked, and that allowed me to test and retest the frontend code to see how exactly Angular data pipes work (spoiler alert: they're just another reason to fucking hate Angular and really any frontend technology that isn't vanilla javascript).

This afternoon our friend Andrea arrived in the area via train and then came to our house via taxi. Andrea is Gretchen's childhood friend who lived in our basement master bedroom back in the summer of 2016. She'd come up from Washington, DC to be here for Powerful's big birthday bash, which would be happening tomorrow. Since all the surplus household energy today was going into preparation for that party (as well as poetry class Gretchen would be teaching via Zoom), Gretchen had Powerful and Andrea go pick up dinner for everyone from the Garden Caf´. My diphenhydramine had already started kicking in by the time I ate what they got for me, which was the vegetable quesadilla.
As usual, I climbed into bed kind of early to watch the videos that YouTube thinks interest me. (Lately this has included a lot of video of soverign citizens acting obnoxious, though yesterday I added an amzing live Stone Temple Pilots video to the mix; they're better than I remember.)

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