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   Powerful fledges
Tuesday, July 13 2021
Today Powerful packed most of his possessions into his Prius (which used to be our Prius) and drove up to Albany to begin his pursuit of a graduate degree. After eating some cannabis, I realized that our past 14 months with Powerful has been like having a child, though on an accelerated (~15X) schedule. First there was picking him up from the prison (which is like getting your baby from the hospital). Then we had him tested for covid. Then Gretchen made him go to school (in his case, cooking school). Then she and our friends taught him how to drive. Then he got a job working in a restaurant. Later he had various teenage-style issues with the ladies (which I haven't been able to detail). And now he's going off to college, and Gretchen and I are now empty nesters.

My mother, Hoagie, is suffering from dementia, and it's been getting worse since I started paying attention nine months ago. Today MV, her neighbor to the south, sent me a Facebook message to tell me of an odd incident that had happened recently. It seems DV, MV's husband, had found Hoagie at his door in a confused state. She was wondering where the polling place was and added that her Chinese wasn't so good, and she was having trouble being understood. Hoagie apparently didn't recognize DV, which was probably good given the 40-year feud she's had with him and his wife. Later this evening I mentioned this to my brother Don, and he got quiet as if both embarrassed and concerned. When I asked Don if Hoagie frequently wanders off, he said that she often goes up the road some distance for exercise. Evidently she'd wandered into the V's yard while out doing that and then recovered enough of her mind to find her way back home.

I'd been drinking for part of the day, and this evening I took a Hazy Little Thing IPA with me down to the greenhouse to hang out down there. Eventually I fell asleep and had the best sleep I'd had since the last time I slept down there. If it weren't for Gretchen's possible objections, I would sleep down there every night.

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