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   my brother's idea of the importance of 4/20
Wednesday, April 20 2022
It being 4/20, I made a joke about it in the workplace Teams chat in place of the usual ritual typing of "morning!" by everyone on the web team (which usually starts at about 8:00am). My joke was that it was "devil's lettuce appreciation day" and that we should be on the lookout for "jazz cigarettes." One person on the team is a known cannabis enthusiast, but, judging by her response, at least one other member of the team is familiar with what "4/20" signifies.
Later today my brother Don called me and began by asking if I knew what day it was. Knowing my audience, I said "Hitler's birthday." For Don, that was the correct answer. I don't think he's familiar with any other significance for the day. He's been talking less of about Ukraine of late, perhaps because he (like me) has become less interested in the war happening there.
I'd taken a recreational dose of pseudoephedrine this morning, so I ended the day by drinking a fair amount (while watching episodes of Inventing Anna) and taking 100 milligrams of diphenhydramine.

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