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Thursday, April 21 2022
During my lunch hour, I drove out to the abandoned bluestone quarry in the Subaru Forest to get more bluestone for the cabin. I found another recent rock fall off the artificial cliff at the mine's western edge where a mass of rock with a volume about the size of a car had landed. It was below a not-so-high cliff face without any rock overhanging, so I felt comfortable getting in there and taking nice pieces, some of which had a delightful purple color.
Late in the workday, I was on fire as I built out a user management tool for the AppStream login project I'd been working on. It was another occasion where the work was so compelling that I enjoyed working on it and didn't mind continuing with my work past the end of the workday.
But after work I wanted to do some roofing work to repair the cracked rubber gaskets on the roof penetrations that I'd identified a little over a week ago. But just as I was going out to get the ladder, it began to rain. So I went back to my computer and continued working in my remote workplace. Meanwhile Gretchen and Powerful went off somewhere to see a movie.

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