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Thursday, April 28 2022
It was another windy day with colder-than-desired temperatures. But at least it was sunny. At some point Gretchen sat out on the east deck, but that seemed a bit optimistic to me.

At the end of my workday, I drove out to 9W in hopes of getting a kit to make a screen of any size with dimensions less than 36 inches for a screen door (to fix the back screendoor of apartment 1R at the Downs Street house). I hadn't known such a product exists, but Home Depot sells it, and it was actually in stock. (I first went to Lowes to look for such a thing, but they didn't have it, so I ended up buying shiplap planks instead, which will probably work better for my medicine cabinet project than clapboards.) As I drove around, Neville was my co-pilot, and for part of the ride we shared a cup of salted cashews I'd bought at Stewarts.
Powerful made spaghetti with red sauce and "meat" balls tonight, and it was especially good. Later I took a hot bath while the diphenhydramine kicked in.
We have Celeste the Cat (whom I've started calling "Lester" due to the revision of his gender) imprisoned in the upstairs bathroom as we wait for him to defecate so we can have a veterinarian determine what, if anything, is making him lose weight and develop other old-cat symptoms. But he's so far he's produced nothing, and he's been imprisoned for over a day. At first he really hated his imprisonment, but today he developed some coping strategies, such as nesting among the towels inside a large antique chest we have in that bathroom.

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