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   pseudoephedrine & diphenhydramine
Tuesday, January 3 2023
I had a bit of an off day in the remote workplace as I tried, first, to marshall my attention to doing any work at all (something that a recreational dose of pseudoephedrine I'd taken should've helped with). And then when I did finally did some work, I quickly ran into the unnecessarily complexity of DevExpress. I wanted to attach some Javascript to cells in a GridView, but nothing I was trying worked. As with most frameworks, doing basic things in DevExpress is very easy and intuitive. But the moment you come up with a weird use case (and my use case really should be considered normal), things get so complicated that everything would just be easier with vanilla Javascript and some strictly imperative backend language.
A rain fell throughout the day that kept me from gathering any firewood. It's been so warm of late that we're not using it very quickly.
At the end of the day, Gretchen returned from wherever she'd been (getting the dog's nails clipped at PetSmart, among other things; she'd had some poor customer service at the Hurley Vet only to discover that PetSmart cuts nails at a fraction of the cost). She then proceeded to make some sort of Asian noodle dish that had perhaps a few too many bamboo shoots in them. There's a flavor in canned bamboo shoots that I have decided I very much do not like.
I'm finding Letterkenny more enjoyable despite the things I don't like about it (I especially hate all the scenes featuring the hockey players). The episode we watched tonight was particularly endearing, when the hot First Nations woman defeated Wayne (the toughest guy in the town of Letterkenny) by appealing to his weakness for dogs. After bringing out an adorable three-legged mutt, she somehow produced a second smaller three-legger out of her clothing. Meanwhile, my least-favorite characters (the incomprehensible hockey players) were being brutally and repeatedly assaulted by the members of the Native hockey team. The episode ends with the hot First Nations woman luring Wayne to her cookout, though it's doubtful Wayne is completely on board with her method of grilling steaks.

Later in the evening, I took my customary 150 mg knock-out dose of diphenhydramine, and then enjoyed its effects as it vied with the pseudoephedrine from twelve hours before. A week or so ago I made the discovery that these two drugs pair nicely and make for an entertaining alcohol-free evening. It also happens to be a good cocktail for focusing on the boring desk-bound tasks I've been procrastinating, and I even managed to get some of that workplace work done that I should've completed earlier. I will say, however, that mental agility is not particularly high in this state, so level of performance is not particularly high.

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