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   semi-sculptural Neville painting
Wednesday, January 18 2023
This morning before I got going at work (using the VisualStudio debugger to track down where something non-explicit happened in the code), I did a little sanding of the wooden silhouette I'd made of Neville Dog. Then I began painting it, something I would do here and there throughout the day. Since this painting was more sculptural than a rectangular one would've been, it was important to also paint the sides. Interestingly, this had the effect of making the painting look fairly sculptural when viewed at an angle, despite the distortions inherent in the 90 degree change of angle at the edges. Had I made the edges more rounded, it would've been even more sculptural.

At noon today, I went down the Stick Trail to the slope above the Chamomile where I've been processing wood for a couple days. This time I only brought my wood-hauling backpack, which I used to retrieve a modest load of very dry wood, mostly chestnut oak and a little pine kindling. Later this afternoon, I went west of the Farm Road and cut down a couple very dead white pines, both of which I cut into a number of pieces near the bottom. I also did some cutting at what I'd been calling a "large fallen skeletonized chestnut oak." Today I looked more carefully at the remaining bark near its roots and realized it's actually a red oak. That accounts for it's unexpectedly high water content. Small diameter skeletonized red oak is very dry, but with larger diameter pieces, the capillaries actually seem to contribute more moisture from surface dampness during rain than they carry away to the surface for evaporation during dry periods.

Today in the remote workplace was the last day of the Agile sprint, and those are reliably relaxed. It's rare for me to get much done on such a day, and I always treat the sprint retrospective (where we collaborate on a goofy interactive mural as a framework for discussing the good and bad of the sprint) as a happy hour. This weekend while under the effects of cannabis, I'd had paranoid feelings about not being productive (mostly because of the rabbit holes I kept getting lost in), but when I mentioned my problem of being stuck in such deep dives, the others assured me that it was all quite alright.

Neville posing with his cutout painting. [Photo taken by Gretchen on her actual birthday.]

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