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   a mix of snow and soggy rotten wood
Thursday, January 26 2023
I hadn't gathered any firewood yesterday due to the snow, so today at noon I went out to get some so as not to fall behind. I went west of the Farm Road and carried home two segments of the tree I'd felled most recently there. Each could be bucked into three pieces, making about the equivalent of a backpack load. There all covered with snow and ice, so I had to shave them in the sink before putting them on the woodstove to dry off. (I put the resulting shavings, which were a mix of snow and soggy rotten wood, into one of the raised beds of the garden.)
This evening Gretchen made a meal of french-fry-shaped-potato pieces (made with an ill-tempered french fry cutter that also cut into one of Gretchen's fingers) with a salad and Gardein-brand "chicken" tenders.

There was no news today about my mother Hoagie, though her twin sister called this evening to tell me that she and her son Kent are thinking of driving down to visit her, wherever she happens to be, in early February. I told them I wouldn't be able to get down there until early March at the earliest.

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