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   January 2023

01: New Years gut problems - Something amiss with my guts keeps me from having much fun on New Years Day.
02: sweat pants without elastic ankles - Not easy to find in 2023.
03: pseudoephedrine & diphenhydramine - They pair nicely and make for a relaxing alcohol-free evening.
04: showboating nihilists - Fixing a cable to keep a tree from falling on the house and watching Kevin McCarthy lose vote after vote.
05: eye exam, 2023 - Also, cheap optics at the Tibetan Center thrift store and burning the midnight oil in the remote workplace.
06: low-friction tostada pizzas - A minor food mishap during Jeopardy.
07: my own web clipboard - I'm tired of trying to message myself using bloatware and software that tries to police what I am sending myself.
08: spontaneous dinner at the Garden - Gretchen finally finds the motivation to go out that she hadn't had earlier in the weekend.
09: my pattern of late - Figuring things out in the morning and then being vexed by other issues the rest of the day.
10: inside Oscar the cat's mouth - It's in such a bad state that he'll need thousands of dollars of veterinarian intervention.
11: shattered German drinking cup - While putting water in a water pick, the ceramic cup slips out of my fingers.
12: good wood is lighter - Though dense wood is better. Also, hangovers aren't terrible for productivity.
13: I could retire now - According to our budget, my income isn't necessary to maintain our lifestyle. Also, Gretchen makes an impressive Thai/Indian meal for a small dinner party.
14: awaking from a nap with a buzz - Because I ate a large nugget of canabis before it.
15: shout what little information they do convey - Dealing with ten extremely bright and fully unnecessary LEDs
16: copper cup disaster - I should've started with a template downloaded from the internet.
17: bandsaw: best tool for the job - Cutting the background away from an image of Neville the Dog.
18: semi-sculptural Neville painting - Painting on the piece of wood I'd cut in the bandsaw yesterday.
19: birthday pizza in New Paltz - Gretchen's 52nd birthday.
20: Neville chews on his own image - Fortunately, I caught him before he destroyed it completely.
21: antiprocrastination - Getting things done by playing procrastination against procrastination.
22: antiprocrastination 2 - A place for the new 3D printer. And my mother keeps insisting on lying on the floor back in Virigina.
23: Hoagie in the hospital - Now she supposedly has a muscle problem in her back from lying on the floor too long.
24: four drives to West Hurley - What to do when you don't have that special tool for removing anti-theft lugnuts.
25: horror movie conformity - They're all kind of the same in every respect, and nobody does anything to think outside the box.
26: a mix of snow and soggy rotten wood - Drying wood after a wet snow.
27: completely non-oak salvage - A fairly typical procrastinatory Friday.
28: tamales in the graveyard - Kingston's Farmers' Market on an unusually warm day in January.
29: an endless series of possible band names - We meet our amazing housesitter for February.
30: new rules at the Hurley Dump - They're no longer open on Monday and they no longer take cash.
31: not a good clean smell - Now I'm at the point in my life where I'm complaining about the smell of the soap used by the hired help.