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Monday, January 9 2023
This morning as I stared at the code and database queries I'd been staring at last evening, it all suddenly made sense and I completed my task that I'd been wanting to complete all yesterday in only about an hour. Of course, later in the day I would be vexed by a different task, one causing me to open a half dozen new tabs of DevExpress documentation and stare at my screen in frustration. But that just seems to be my pattern of late.
At some point I added a new feature to my web-based clipboard: the ability to upload files, since in some cases that would the easiest way to move files from one system to another.
At noon, I returned to the place I'd cut up wood west of the Farm Road yesterday and retrieved more of it. Unfortunately, some of the wood (from a red oak that seems to have fallen over the summer) wasn't as dry as I'd hoped.
At the end of the workday, I made a big pot of chili, making good use of a bunch of partial containers of beans and corn in the refrigerator. It ended up being unusually good.
After watching the two shows Gretchen and I watch in the evening, I took a nice hot bath using water that had been partially heated by the sun. And then I buckled down and tried to wrap my mind around another annoying DevExpress Javascript interfacing issue.

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