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Wednesday, January 4 2023
The nice weather continued today, and I took advantage of it at noon by reconnecting the cable that keeps that white pine north of the house from falling east, where it might land on the brownhouse or greenhouse. I was able to re-use the existing eye-screw (which is actually a modified eye-screw designed to be part of a gate hinge) by chipping away the bark (and some of the xylem beneath the bark) that grown up around it in the thirteen years since I'd installed it. It was trickier to get the frayed end of the cable through that hole, and some JB Weld epoxy I'd put around it to secure the strands hadn't worked at all. I clearly needed to cut the frayed part off. Cutting through the cable was impossible with my bolt cutters, so I hooked up an extension cord to use my 120v angle grinder (my battery-powered one is up at the cabin). In the end, I managed to get the cable in tighter than it had been, which will make it less likely to undo itself. (If there is slack, it allows the swaying tree to develop some momentum before hitting the end of what the cable will permit). Even so, I'd like to use more cable clamps than the two I'd originally installed, but none I have on hand execept for those are big enough.
I had another workday full of distractions, one of which was the clownshow of Kevin McCarthy's attempt to becomes Speaker of the House of Representatives. He presides over a coalition of comprised of enough showboating nihilists that he cannot get the necessary votes, and so he keeps holding one vote after another, each one ending as a punch to his very punchable face. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
This evening as the diphenhydramine kicked in, I finished the assembly of a frame with a built-in lip to be mounted to Gretchen's bedside table from underneath. Once in position, it provided a quarter-inch-high lip to keep her shit from falling off continuously and getting lost along the bedroom's south wall.

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