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Wednesday, October 4 2023
I was out in the driveway late this morning when I heard a loud splash in the puddle just west of our driveway. Normally splashes are the results of objects entering water, but in this case the object was leaving the water. The object in question was either a green frog or a bullfrog, who was now in the driveway facing me. I went to get my camera and got a good picture.

A sudden manifestation of frog. Click to enlarge.

While I was out in the garage today doing things like consolidating my collections of nuts, bolts, and screws, I decided to check on whether or not the cord to my old Zojirushi tea water heater really had gone missing, which is what Gretchen determined when she was trying to give it to our Australian friend Fern. Sure enough, the cord was of an unusual design and I couldn't find it anywhere. Perhaps it had gotten lost at the old Red Hook office, where it had served for a time as the company's source of hot water for tea. (I might've assumed the power cord was standard and not bothered to grab it when I took the pot home with me.) The cord needed to have two holes spaced about an inch apart supplying 120 VAC and, as an option, a strong magnet between the two holes to hold it in place. I looked on eBay to see if such cables were being sold, and I couldn't find any that looked like a match. I didn't want to throw the pot away for lack of a power cord, so I milled myself a new one using a small block of wood with wires from a 120 VAC plug going to two holes. I even superglued a magnet into a shallow hole between those two holes. This new plug seemed to work, though it really needs more glue to keep the wires in place and make it into less of a shock hazard.

My homemade Zojirushi power cable.

This evening before Gretchen returned from her day at the bookstore, I made a pot of spaghetti (this time cooked with broccoli) and fried up a pan of onions, mushrooms, and tempeh to be added to Rao's marinara sauce (the only kind we buy).
After dinner, I did Gretchen a solid by driving to the bookstore to get her phone and a container of raspberries she'd accidentally left there. On the way home, I stopped at the Hurley Ridge Hannaford to buy spinach, two different non-dairy milks, some vegan lunch meat, and a container of orange juice. I had some trash with me as I entered the store I was hoping to dispose of, but there were absolutely no trashcans. [REDACTED] What a fucking mess!

I'd taken diphenhydramine at the bookstore and I could feel it kicking in as I drove south on Dug Hill Road near home. Back at the house, I drank a bunch of kratom tea, which seemed to counteract the sleep-inducing effects of the diphenhydramine. It was a good combination, one that could serve as a good substitute for drinking too much alcohol. I was able to stay up late continuing my organizing in the garage and then watching YouTube videos in the laboratory.

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