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   bad sting on my belly
Thursday, October 5 2023
Now I'm at the stage of the garage cleanup project where I'm finally organizing and cleaning the shop area, which is a perhaps a little beyond the initial scope. I was so into it that for a moment I thought I might actually be happier cleaning and organizing the garage than I would be working on projects at the cabin (especially now that the big summer project there is over).
This evening I was working on it so intently that I completely forgot to take Gretchen's cashew yoghurt out of the InstantPot, where it had been incubating for hours. Gretchen finally took it out two hours too late, and thought it might've been ruined (but it turned out to be fine, at least for smoothies).
Later this evening as I was organizing the power tools in the shop, I felt a sharp stinging sensation on my belly. I whipped up my shirt and one of those huge hornets (or perhaps a so-called "cicada killer," the kind that I never even knew existed until I was in my thirties or forties, flew out and landed on the ground. Normally I'm understanding when stinging insects sting me, especially when it is to avoid being accidentally crushed. Not this time! I smacked the exotic invasive hornet dead with a piece of wood. That sting was the worst I'd suffered in a long time, just because of the amount of venom such a big insect can deliver. I immediately attached a suction cup from a snakebite kit to the penetration (a visible red dot) and then Gretchen got me some hydrocortisone cream to slather on it. I eventually had a welt about an inch and a half across and pain that seemed to have migrated into my abdominal muscles. Fortunately, though, I experienced no allergic reaction, which is important given that we won't have any health insurance until we get Obamacare at the beginning of November.

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