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Tuesday, October 31 2023
This morning I got in a car and went somewhere by myself for the first time in weeks, since I could count on Gretchen to keep an eye on our ever-mischievous new dog Charlotte. I mostly just needed to buy some more chain to better anchor the floating dock on the Woodworth Lake shoreline temporarily through the winter. While at Home Depot, I also bought a small box of drill point lath screws, which (as I've mentioned before) are one of my favorite kinds of screws. Then I went to the Hannaford on 9W to buy the sorts of groceries that don't get bought unless I buy them: tostadas, corn chips, and beer. I also got some cereal, since we were running low on the kind I eat.
Once Gretchen was off teaching her course at a prison, Charlotte again became my responsibility, and I was once again feeling like Harrison Bergeron. The moment Gretchen leaves the house, Charlotte goes into "bored puppy" mode, which is much more distracting than (if not as financially ruinous as) "bored ape" mode. She keeps going up and down the stairs and then lingering in the living room long enough for me to fear that she might be plotting to poop or piss on the floor down there. Then she'll go outside and disappear for awhile. Sometimes she's disappeared into an approved part of the neighborhood (that is, anywhere east, west, or south of our house). Other times I'll see that she's gone north of the house, crossed the road, and is snuffling about like a truffle-hunting pig in our neighbor Kaycee's shrubbery. I busted her once today over there and told her she was a bad girl and had to come home. And once she crossed the road and was in our driveway, I raised the pitch of my voice a couple octaves and effusively told her that she was actually a good girl. Based on the fact that she never again went over there, it's possible that she has a mental need to only cross the road once each day to check on something over there, and once she's done it she's done for thd day. Fortunately, Charlotte neither peed nor pooed in the living room at all today.
When I wasn't having my focus destroyed Harrison Bergeron stylee, I was doing more work on that spec project for my old boss Alex. After completing all the details of the login system, I then designed a database and made some stabs and producing a visual design, which is something I never invest much effort into (since it's so easy to change). I'd taken a recreational dose of pseudoephedrine, which helped with my focus.
Meanwhile, I suddenly have a lot of woodworking content in my YouTube feed. Since I don't know much more about carpentry than what my father taught me (he was competent, but hardly a master) combined with what I've discovered by trial and error, it's been interesting viewing.

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