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Wednesday, November 1 2023
Charlotte was better behaved today. She went across the road once to check Kaycee's shrubbery, following a pattern that may go back to day one, but she didn't piss or poop on the floor and didn't destroy anything of value. She'd occasionally come into the laboratory on her own (up until recently she'd only entered it if Neville went in first) and steal a small cardboard box in which some gadget had been shipped (back when I had a job and was still ordering such things) and then chew it up either in the living room or out in the yard.
Yesterday I hadn't been able to get her to accompany me on a walk, but this late this afternoon when I set out, Neville decided to come, and that was all the incentive Charlotte needed. We followed one of Tommy's bike trails parallel to (but west of) the Farm Road, which took us to a ridge just east of the abandoned go cart track. There are some beautiful ancient stone walls over there, some still in great shape. I lost the dogs somewhere around there (part of the problem was that the stone walls were so sound that they had to look for the places where they could be crossed) and walked back home on the Farm Road by myself.
Gretchen had had me soak both cashews and pistachios for various creamy sauces she wanted to make. I would've made one of those sauces myself, but just as I was finishing getting some pasta water started on the stove, she returned from her day at the bookstore and took over all cooking duties.

[REDACTED] Later this evening while Gretchen was off with Nancy watching the supremely weird new movie Dicks: the Musical at the mall multiplex, I took yet another nice hot bath in mostly solar-heated water.

Charlotte today west of the Farm Road not far from home. Click to enlarge.

Neville further south, west of the Farm Road. Click to enlarge.

The bark of a large pitch pine (I think) west of the Farm Road. Click to enlarge.

A white oak (left) conjoined to a red oak (right). It's rare to see such conjunctions persisting so high on a trunk. Click to enlarge.

A beautiful old stone wall crossing a shallow valley northeast of the abandoned go cart track. Click to enlarge.

A crumbling stone wall just east of the abandoned go cart track. Click to enlarge.

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