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   acetaminophen actually dulls a sore throat
Wednesday, November 29 2023
At night, I've been having trouble sleeping more than an hour at a time. Acetaminophen has been surprisingly good for dulling the pain from my sore throat (something I'd never noticed it could do in the past), but I'm noticing its effects wear off an hour or more before when it's safe for me to take the next dose (assuming I don't want to exceed 4 grams per day, which my web research suggests I not do). All that being said, today was another day of being stuck on the beanbag in the laboratory. It's possible, though, that I'd improved slightly from yesterday. I did less sleeping and more YouTube watching, using an ancient Chromebook so I could have better control over it than is possible when watching something on a screen of my main computer from a ten feet away.
At some point I found a huge bottle of ibuprofen, which meant I didn't have to worry as much about medicating myself for pain, since that is a safer drug than acetaminophen.

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