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   Neville and Charlotte are still friends
Friday, November 10 2023

location: 940 feet west of Woodworth Lake, Fulton County, NY

Early this morning I managed to get Charlotte to come into the bedroom for the third time, and this time I closed the door behind her, pretty much forcing her to get on the bed. When she did so, she picked a corner as far away from Neville as possible. I managed to cover her up with a corner of the blanket she was lying on (she has yet to figure out that it's more comfortable under the covers) and we slept a couple hours together like that.
The weather today was mostly cloudy and rather cold, cold enough to suggest the wearing of gloves. Despite this, I obsessively opened up the gallon of brown paint and made further touch-ups to the foundation wall. There was no way to make all the tiny points of white inside those Durock holes brown, but by using a small brush I could get into some of the cracks (particularly at the top of the cement board, just below the clapboards) to make all the larger blobs of white primer disappear.
This morning after I'd fed the dogs, I took Charlotte on a walk half-way up the road that leads to the nearby radio tower. We continued on the new driveway leading from that road to what I'd thought was a building site. But since then I see that the road has been extended, going over the top of the radio tower hill and vanishing from view on the east side.
Later this morning, I was relieved to see Charlotte and Neville snuggling together on the couch, suggesting that their hard feelings from yesterday had dissipated.

I spent some time today getting another one of my ESP-8266 temperature logging probes to work so that I would have one for the upstairs as well as the one in the basement that has been working reliably for over a year and a half. For some reason the temperature logging function of the cellular hotspot watchdog (which is just an added functionality on top of the temperature logging feature) does not work, and I've never been able to figure out why. But flashing that same functionality to another NodeMCU (which is based on the ESP-8266) produced a fully-working temperature logger. This will allow me to remotely monitor temperatures in both the cabin basement and upstairs. Ideally I'd have more such probes so I could also monitor outside temperatures as well as underground temperatures at various depths.

Eventually I took both dogs on a walk down to the dock. There was nothing for me to do down there except look out across the lake, note the presence of a small flock of bofflehead ducks, and crack open a beer. I then walked back to the cabin off-trail, climbing the steep slope up through the land of the backwards-facing cliffs (where it looks like a glacier cut a trough through the landscape along a contour). Charlotte was having a magnificent time in this unusual landscape, running full-tilt through the woods, jumping over fallen trees along the way. Even Neville seemed delighted in places, especially at the precipice of the uphill-facing cliffs.

Dogs arriving at the dock area today. Note the bark removed from the bottom of the trunks of the large deciduous trees by beavers. That black cherry (on the right) is entirely dead as a result. Click to enlarge.

View off the truncated dock. Note the pole tower keeping the floating end of the hinged dock out of the water. Click to enlarge.

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