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   October 2023

01: no range anxiety for me - Though I cheated and ran the generator briefly on this gorgeous early October day in the Adirondacks.
02: taking over rat extermination - It's not rocket science, and perhaps the infestation is already over.
03: feeling retired - Not having a job and having no financial urgency to get one.
04: dropping it in the aisle like a sociopath - I don't know why there aren't trashcans at the Hurley Ridge Hannaford.
05: bad sting on my belly - A little interruption to my suddenly obsessive garage cleaning.
06: the bounty of autumn leaves - This time I pile them on the barren soil around the cabin's foundation.
07: rainy day entertaining at the cabin - My first cousin once removed is perfectly happy to sit around and talk.
08: not watching the WNBA at Mountain Hut Pizza - They don't have enough screens and everybody else is going to want to watch football on a Sunday.
09: rats and an overwhelmed valley - A day of chores, including a car inspection and two landlording missions.
10: being ghosted is the norm - Applying for job sucks, but Neville made an energetic new friend.
11: steel yarmulke - Things I do when I'm in a purposeless funk.
12: Ramona's throat mass is professionally assessed - Antibiotics give us a little hope.
13: Ramona stops eating forever - When she won't even eat peanut butter, we decide it's time.
14: giddy with the dynamic - After Gretchen sets the price for an apartment too low, capitalist forces correct the mistake and a small bidding war ensues. Also, a free delicious meal in Woodstock.
15: how you play basketball - Buffalo Wild Wings has too much toxic masculine energy to allow the WNBA to be shown on a single one of their screens, but the Hurley Mountain Inn comes through instead. Also, another couple uses of ChatGPT.
16: for want of 12 volts - For some reason our Chevy Bolt had a dead 12 volt battery after Gretchen's shift at the bookstore. But I arrive and save the evening, after a fashion.
17: problems reachable by ladder - The problems with the roof at the Downs Street mansion are now entirely in its gutter system, which I can climb up to fix.
18: an expensive way to watch the WNBA - We watch what ended up being the last game of the WNBA finals at Chic's, a sports bar near the Ghettoford.
19: wily Charlotte from Amherst, Virginia - We adopt a new dog from the nearest part of New Jersey and then have a bit of an off-leash nightmare.
20: Charlotte offleash at the cabin - She knows all about pet doors already.
21: improvised dog toys - We adopt a new dog from the nearest part of New Jersey and then have a bit of an off-leash nightmare.
22: pre-winter dock chores - Making Charlotte and Neville bored on the lakeshore.
23: another couple skirmishes with Charlotte - I have to drag her kicking and screaming into the Forester at the end of our stay at the cabin.
24: media computer hell - Also new young dog hell.
25: less-than-ideal pizza - And I find a hen of the woods mushroom while walking Neville and the new dog Charlotte.
26: social call Thursday - Gretchen sets up her social life to lean heavily on Thursdays, leaving me with more Charlotte responsibilities than expected.
27: power-winching the floating dock - This goes well, though a few minor things went wrong.
28: unexpectedly loud brown - The way the cabin's foundation wall is ending up. And the same color is now on the propane tank.
29: Middleburgh Diner - We try our a restaurant about halfway along our preferred scenic route to and from the cabin.
30: acceptable urine repository - I wash a dog bed that stinks of piss. Also, I do lots of unpaid software work.
31: east, west, or south - Where our dogs are free to roam. But Charlotte insists on going north once each day.