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Thursday, October 8 1998
When you're new at a workplace and find yourself eager to prove yourself, it can be dull and depressing for the first few days. It's been that way for me:

  1. I know lots of things, the kinds of things that my new employer needs me to know, but I know nothing about the particular setup in which I suddenly find myself.
  2. I need to learn lots of things to do even the most humble of tasks.
  3. No one knows I'm a gossipy, egotistical, arrogant tussin-chugging crazy. From all appearances I'm a shy, meek new co-worker. "What's his deal?" "Is he gay?" "Is he retarded?" I haven't seen them saying these things but I can read their body language. I feel so completely under-regarded and under-utilized. I'm used to being a big fish in all kinds of ponds. Here I feel a little like algæ on the side of the tank.

Of course, in the grand scheme of things I aim to make myself indispensible. In good time I will know lots of things about every nuance of my company's operations and I will more than earn my salary. Until then, though, I'll be frustrated and vaguely depressed. I might be sociopathic in other respects, but I don't especially like the feeling that I'm being paid for work I'm not doing.

I came home from work with a sore spot deep in my back. Lucky thing for me, my girlfriend is a professional massage therapist. She also cooked me dinner and poured me several glasses of vino.

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