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   quiet saturday
Saturday, October 24 1998
For most of the day (after an energetic morning) I was weak from hangover. I tried to study some Visual Basic concepts but I didn't have sufficient energy.
In honour of the imminent change to Standard Time, Kim and I went to the bikeshop to buy a couple lights for my bicycle. From now on my rides home will occur entirely after dark and I don't want to die. The busty bikeshop girl was most helpful helping me pick just the right items and she went on to compliment Kim on her tattoo.
Back at the cabana, I found a package had arrived from Virginia. It was the heart and soul of my old computer, all stripped to pieces and packed up in a bulk NutraGrain™ box (my mother has ordered her breakfast cereal directly from the manufacturer ever since it quit being carried in local supermarkets).
I launched directly into incorporating these computer parts into my present equipment. I was especially excited by the hard drive, which contained a number of important files otherwise unavailable to me. Among these was the musings entry for July 5th, which I accidentally overwrote with an August 5th entry back in Ann Arbor. There were also some important applications.
All the computer parts had been carefully packed by Nathan VanHooser and my mother and came through shipping unscathed. But for some reason the hard drive was full of logical errors and there was a scary period tonight when I thought I'd lost the most important files on it. But they resurfaced after a little work with Scandisk, a program upon which I normally place very little faith.
I was so wrapped up with my computer work that all plans for going out on the town were pushed off the edge of the night. Kim's laptop, which is still on Eastern Time, made a big dialog box fuss about changing over to Standard Time at 11:00pm local time. Yeah, you're sophisticated Windows 98, now shut the fuck up.

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