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   DSL again
Tuesday, October 10 2000
DSL came today. I had to call the fuckers at Earthlink and demand my name and password from them, since (in another familiar display of incompetence) they'd never sent me my software and welcome letter. I had to download the necessary DSL connection software using a slow dialup AOL connection, the very last use I'll hopefully ever have for that particular form of self abuse.
I managed to set up a proxy system allowing both downstairs and upstairs computers to share the DSL modem midway on the network, just like I used to do with Kim's laptop. John was amazed. He'd said "DSL is never coming" so many times I think he'd begun to believe it himself.

Good Things Today: a good-fitting high-quality clean flannel shirt I found in an alley south of Pennsylvania Ave. The air was sort of chilly today and I found the shirt precisely when I needed it.

Bad Things Today: interviewing contractors at work, Verizon harrassing me about the $500 AOL-caused phone bill, realization that I forgot to cancel a promotional MSN account, Kim relentlessly calling me after bedtime wanting me to make stupid changes to her website that required me to use Photoshop to edit text.

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