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   October 2000

01: dumpster protocol - I never check out a dumpster when other bums are going through it.
02: infant souls rejecting Satan - I watch a videotape of housemate John's infant nephew.
03: bowling trophies - First presidential debate and more trash picking with my housemate.
04: streaming bathtubgirl - DSL is working in Venice Beach.
05: condo association meeting - The first meeting of my condo association.
06: company happy hour - Chicks in my building, what a concept!
07: free streaming services - Successes and troubles with setting up a makeshift streaming media site.
08: my new territory - I declare my new turf, which takes up most of Santa Monica, Venice, and a large part of West LA.
09: a little outside my territory - We go drop off cold medicine at my housemate's sister's house.
10: DSL again - EarthLink finally comes through.
11: residential post grass - A gress that grows within the perforated square posts of urban Southern California.
12: what's white? - A debate about the whiteness of pop music.
13: catty girls - A couple of my housemate's sister's friends.
14: thinly-concealed veins of riches - It's easy to get rich if you just look.
15: rendering bubbles - New bubbles for Kim's home page made by some kind of whiz bang graphics dude.
16: unpretentious - A description for my housemate John and our favorite West LA coffee shop.
17: I'm version 1.3 - I begin an unrequited affair.
18: breaking with my moral traditions - My parents are atheists and so am I, yet I've still diverged from their morality.
19: on bathtub cam - I am a guest on
20: AI & rum - After another unnecessarily stressful day at work, my housemate and I discuss AI while drinking to excess.
21: wide awake drunk - Popping powerful ADD medicine, I have a wacky time mostly hanging out with my new housemate crowd at a party thrown by one of Kim's friends.
22: sunny day serotonin recharge - I bike around Brentwood nursing my amphetamine hangover.
23: big scary pond - You have to be careful in a world where jerks from a broad population can just walk up to you and stick you.
24: George W. Bush: simulate-able - Also: the UK team comes together for the first time.
25: overwhelmed by farewell luncheons - It's only a matter of time before they realize I'm an imposter.
26: managerial laziness - I suddenly realize this managerial stuff is not too difficult.
27: party crashing in Brentwood - My housemate and I take Fernando to a random party.
28: lame student Halloween party - My housemate John forewarned me it would be lame, so I couldn't complain. And he even tried to breathe some life into it.
29: rainy day reading - Nothing like curling up up around a big interesting book on a rainy Sunday in Southern California.
30: drinks in Ocean Park with the UK team - We have something of a kick-off dinner.
31: Halloween 2000 - Linda and I see Wrong Dimension Boy at the Gig.