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Thursday, October 19 2000
At 5pm I rode my bike directly to Venice to help Kim yet again with her website. As usual, she had a whole list of things for me to do, but I got so wrapped up in making a Flash animation that I didn't really get to anything else. I've dabbled with Flash before, but the controls are so responsive, cryptic, tiny and unforgiving that I've always been discouraged and frustrated long before accomplishing anything exportable. That all changed today. The effort started out with the usual setbacks. I found myself blowing through one attempt after the next without getting any of the essential tweening to happen. But I kept at it, if only to prove to Kim that I wasn't wasting both her time and mine. She paced back and forth, occasionally inquiring as to when my effort would bear fruit, but my only response was various manifestations of grumpiness. Then I had a breakthrough. I realized that the process of tweening is not a compilation process, but one subject to interpretation based on the positions of objects on either side of the tween, and that these tweens would change immediately if those end positions were changed. This makes the creation of Flash animations considerably more flexible than I could have imagined.
Anyway, the result impressed Kim, more than anything I have ever done has impressed her. Later when Chris (the guy from the Venice Camera store) came by, he liked it too. What I had done really didn't seem like any big deal, but evidently I'd broken through into Flash enough to win praise, even if all I was doing was making stuff that said "hey guys, I learned Flash today - look what I can do!"

Then I made a guest appearance on Kim's evening "bedtime stories" webcast. We were crammed together in that tiny little bathtub, me sitting in front of her between her legs. Unlike Kim, I was completely naked, glass of red wine in hand. It wasn't an especially well-organized show, with the mission at hand, the reading of a short story by Anais Nin, getting lost somewhere along the way. But the time went by much faster than I expected and it actually felt like the world was tuning in, especially when I noticed that the number of simultaneous viewers stayed consistently maxed-out at Spotlife's 25 connection limit. Spotlife is the streaming media provider that comes with the Logitech Webcam.

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