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   sunny day serotonin recharge
Sunday, October 22 2000
It was a sunny, beautiful day and, owing to the serotonin depleted from my brain, I felt pretty bad for much of it. But I rallied at times, particularly after drinking several cups of coffee in the morning. I liked the way the clothes I'd worn at yesterday's party still smelled of the incense and drugs that had been burned in the opium den.
I walked to Smart and Final to get toilet paper, corn chips, beans and bread, and on the way home I noticed that a gang calling itself Young Ass Crooks (or YAG) had brazenly tagged everything around the intersection of Amherst St. and Santa Monica Blvd. That sort of thing is a check against spiraling real estate prices, at least along the major westside boulevards. Too bad a rash of such tagging didn't precede the price negotiation for my condo.
In the afternoon I biked around and through parts of Brentwood. The place actually has a bit more of a urban center than I'd expected, complete with pedestrians and outdoor cafés. It's sort of tasteful and nice, but it definitely lacks a certain essential something. Still, it beats the pants off of West LA. One thing I still haven't figured out is how to cross San Vicente using the pedestrian crossings. The way San Vicente cuts at an angle across the rectangular grid of LA injects plenty of unnecessary complexity into intersections and creates a great potential for pedestrian and vehicular accidents.
I realized today that a certain Dave Van had successfully figured out my cookie encryption scheme and had used this knowledge to impersonate a number of users in my forum. He hadn't actually posted anything as an impostor, but he had deleted some posts, a rather hypocritical act in view of the anti-censorship absolutism he's been spouting against things Three Way. I viewed it as valuable beta testing and spent part of the day redesigning the way cookies are encrypted. This time I'm not publishing my algorithms on the web.
For those who are concerned: I only store encrypted UserIDs in the cookie, not passwords.

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