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Monday, October 16 2000
Completely unexpectedly, that German guy K___ (whose name is actually Kolja Fuchs) was laid off today. It was done CollegeClub stylee, a complete bolt from the blue. Kolja found himself escorted to his desk and asked to pack his belongings by a guy from Human Resources. It wasn't like he'd done anything wrong; the powers that be just couldn't find any place for him in the new organization. What especially sucks about this method of termination is the implication that he had nothing of value to transfer to anyone. Anyway, this news kind of bummed me out and sapped my motivation for the rest of the day. Kolja was one of my favorite people in the company, and one of the few left of my old community team following a recent dramatic loss of personnel. I went home unusually early at around 5pm. And I also created a profile and filled out a resumé on an online job placement website later in the day.
John poured me a glass of whiskey when he heard the news. He's such a great housemate. Yesterday I'd been raving about John to a still-skeptical Kim and had said, "what I really like about him is that he's not trying to be anything he isn't." Kim had immediately wanted to know "in comparison to whom?" but I never said anything.

John and I went down to the Café on the corner for our usual hangout excursion. While we were there, a somewhat dumpy goth chick came in with a painting she wanted to hang. The owner immediately pushed aside the other art work and hung it, even though the painting wasn't very good. Scenes like this are why I love that place. It's hip, interesting and tasteful but thoroughly unpretentious. Please, if you read this journal, make an effort to visit the Café on the corner of Rochester and Centinela at least once in your life. You won't regret it.
In stages, John and I have been gradually developing our relationship with the Café staff (nearly everyone there seems to be staff!). But there's no hurry. We're at the stage the people of Big Fun were in with the Rising Sun Bakery (aka Jerusalem) in February of 1996. In case you don't recall, the Rising Sun Bakery was a great connection for me. It got me a place to live for nearly a year, two different girlfriends, and the social infrastructure that made my Summer 1998 Michigan trip possible (ultimately leading me to where I am today).

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