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   the many advantages of Leisure Advantage
Monday, February 4 2002
Today I was looking at my Citibank Platinum card statement and noticed an $89.95 dollar charge for something called "Leisure Advantage." It's some service they roped me into signing up for on the promise that they'd give me a clock radio or something. I was probably drunk when they called me, so I can be excused for my daftness. Anyway, the clock radio never came and I cancelled the "service." Evidently, though, cancelling Leisure Advantage is not something that can be accomplished in one go. So I called up Citibank and bitched about it, getting them to drop the charge and the meaningless membership that I wouldn't even know how to use if I wanted it.
The troubling thing about this story, though, is that I probably wouldn't have even noticed the charge were it not for the fact that I never even use this credit card any more. I wonder how many people they're mining for free money who don't check their statements carefully every month? It kind of reminds me of SaveNow and other mysterious programs that somehow end up installed on my (and Gretchen's) computer, but it's much more insidious, since "installations" of useless junk on my credit card actually devour real money.
Now, as for the shameful bait and switch of offering a clock radio (or whatever they offered me) and then failing to deliver, it's pretty clear that I have no recourse whatsoever. This reminds me of the common practice of companies offering rebates for product purchases and then failing to ever actually come up with the rebate. If anyone has ever received a check for a rebate that was owed them, please reassure me that the world is a just place.

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