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   February 2002

01: so blah - It's hard to appreciate the beauty of New York after going to Paris.
02: suitable for watching made-for-teevee movies - A cold day in Brooklyn.
03: freedom from the flag - I take the initiative and tear down the American flag from the front door of our co-op.
04: the many advantages of Leisure Advantage - I notice an unwanted charge on my credit card.
05: expectations of the robots - The heater doesn't come on during the working day in my brownstone.
06: cringe-inducingly Dada - Brainstorming a title for Gretchen's poetry thesis.
07: Powered By Osama - An idea for a bumpersticker.
08: looking for risks in a risk-free world - We feel so protected in this country that events like the collapse of Enron cause widespread outrage.
09: dietary proclivities as a metaphor - I dine on Ben and Jerrys and malt liquor yet again.
10: beyond the wallet-grabbing trunk - I learn something about the North American Free Trade Agreement and notice that the Enron symbol resembles the W in George W. Bush.
11: jump if zero to jump always - Application cracking from Macintosh to Windows.
12: anonymous mode - Recreational subway riding.
13: trees in Asia - The maple tree in my backyard receives an inspection.
14: ASCII valentine - I also get new shoes in New York City.
15: couples Scrabble - A word game party the night before my birthday.
16: port-induced nap - My 34th birthday; drinking port in Brooklyn's Prospect Park.
17: generic speciation - Everything, as well as every being, may have some sort of common ancestor.
18: President Day on President Street - Maybe I need an office.
19: Jackson Diner - Gretchen and I eat Indian Food in Queens.
20: presence of memories - The Straight Story.
21: interesting things happening - I get some useful results with a Flash presentation project.
22: flags of ground zero - I take tussin at Ground Zero, Manhattan.
23: good places to publicly urinate in Manhattan - I get confused about which Broadway is which in Lower Manhattan.
24: new uses for newly-learned tricks - Even more fun with Flash - this time of a more subversive nature.
25: useable results in an hour - What I need from a creative medium.
26: like an animated punctuation mark - Sally's tail in response to weirdnesses in Park Slope.
27: misreading a signal - I misread a subtle sickness cue.
28: if this country had a little more skip - Guns, Germs and Steel is right.