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Monday, February 25 2002
My Flash project continued without much interruption. For me, a Flash animation can make for a "perfect project." By this I mean that it doesn't take long to create releasable results. But then I'm free to spend obsessive hours adding subtle tweaks to make a glisteningly perfect work of art. In this way, Flash rather resembles oil or acrylic painting. I've had paintings that I dashed off in an hour that would have been complete at that point. But I went on to add details and flourishes over the ensuing days, better approximating the thing in my head that I was trying to express in the first place. Or perhaps the thing I initially thought I was expressing wasn't worth expressing after all, so I found myself expressing something else that I could have never expressed without the initial burst of goal-oriented motivation. The important thing, though, is the immediacy of the initial results. It's doubtful I'd ever launch into a project that couldn't give me useable results in an hour or three.

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