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   Powered By Osama
Thursday, February 7 2002 [REDACTED]

I didn't watch the Super Bowl, but I heard about the advertisements, particularly the 3.1 million dollar anti-drug ads bought with my tax dollars. Like most people, I'm well aware that the intention of these ads was to hitch the stalled drug war to the least-controversial bandwagon of modern times, the War on Terror. Sure, I'm angry about it, particularly given the fact that drugs don't support anywhere near as many terrorists as Sport Utility Vehicles do. But why get angry when one can get subversive instead?
So I came up with an idea for a bumpersticker (and even a supporting website), and after bouncing this idea back and forth with Fandango Matt, the wording ended up as "Powered By Osama." My intention is that owners of Sport Utility Vehicles place these stickers on their vehicles' bumpers, windows, and painted surfaces to show their solidarity with the most infamous recipient of oil money largesse. Of course, it's not going to be an easy task to convince Joe Sixpack that he should slap a pro-Osama bumpersticker on his Suburban, so most of the stickers will probably be "donated" to SUVs by "anonymous benefactors." If you would like to be such an anonymous benefactor, send me an email, and when these stickers are eventually printed, I'll see about sending you some.
The main problem with printing the bumperstickers is the fact that we'll have to have it done by a print shop, and what with all the rah-rah flag waving going on, it's likely the Feds will be tipped off about any print orders construed as unpatriotic. It's a little like the challenge of publishing illegal opposition newspapers in Nazi Germany. Possible alternatives include commandeering office color copiers at night or printing the stickers at a location far removed from where the stickers will actually be "distributed." By the way, it's my intention to have the stickers printed on the cheapest, gummiest, most-impossible-to-scrape-off variety of paper.

(Designed by Fandango Matt - in continual danger of revision.)

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