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Sunday, February 17 2002
Somewhat past 10:00pm tonight, as arranged earlier, I climbed into a taxi cab with Tall Evan and we were driven to Great Lakes down on 5th Avenue in Park Slope. Evan was just coming from a somewhat unpleasant meeting with someone he described as "the mother of the woman I've been seeing."
Great Lakes was crowded with people who had come to see one of those wonderful pop bands that manages to successfully blend bowed stringed instruments with electric guitars. Unfortunately, though, the next act was a loathsome singer-songwriter woman who kept blaming her unfortunate sound on the various guitars she kept trying to play. The only good thing about her was how quickly she thinned-out the crowd.
After the usual gossip, Evan and I discussed a few loftier ideas. One of these had to do with the fact that, as one goes back into time, the ancestors of different things we take for granted as being separate tend to unify into single things. This is, of course, the foundation of the evolutionary concept of speciation. But it also applies to inanimate objects like forks and knives, intellectual pursuits (religion and science, for example), and even job descriptions. It makes sense given the present understanding of the Universe; if we go back far enough, we're all crammed together with all things in that which the Big Bang blew up.

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