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   Jon Stewart is much cleverer
Friday, October 21 2005
It remained cool and cloudy today, conditions unsuited for testing my solar water heating system. Back when I had the idea to build the system, continuing up until Gretchen and I left for the Middle East, the weather tended to be sunny and dry. But since we've been back the climate itself seems to be completely different, always erring on the side of rain and clouds where it used to err on the side of sun.
Meanwhile Gretchen has been systematically catching up on all the teevee that was Tivo'd in our absence. There are also a number of programs Tivo'd up for me, but television has been a low priority for me. Today, though, I did watch a number of Daily Shows. The political situation in this country has made Jon Stewart's job incredibly easy these days, but he still continues to inspire awe with his deft handling of even the most challenging of situations. By this I mean his interview with Bill O'Reilly, a guy so unhinged that he threw a temper tantrum for Terry Gross of all people. Jon Stewart is much cleverer than Terry Gross, and he was able to land all sorts of little jabs while seeming mostly magnanimous. The worst he got was O'Reilly calling him a "pin head" after Stewart rubbed his nose in the Irag shitpile with, "See, I don't know if you know this, but they never found weapons of mass destruction." But that only served to showcase what a blowhard O'Reilly really is.

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