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   October 2005

01: the Dead Sea - A drive past Jerusalem to the lowest place on Earth. Also, some Palestinian violence.
02: walls of Jerusalem - Ancient, medieval, and modern. Sacred and profane.
03: Mitzpe Ramon on Rosh Hashana - Also, an abandoned Arab graveyard in West Jerusalem.
04: brackish water and sunshine - At a dubious agricultural operation in the Arava Desert in southern Isræl.
05: into Jordan - Touring Wadi Rum and checking into a five star hotel in Taybet.
06: Petra - Visiting the ruins of the ancient city, concluding with an unpleasant exchange with some Gypsy horsemen.
07: snorkeling in Eilat - Also, eating delicious fish there.
08: driving on an abscessed tooth - The road from Eilat back to Tel Aviv.
09: Hagia Sofia vs. the Blue Mosque - The first day in Istanbul.
10: Istanbul Bank Tour - A tour of Topkapi Palace and the Grand Bazaar, as well as many attempts to get to our cash.
11: Istanbul movie intermission - Watching a dumb American movie in Istanbul, touring the contemporary art museum, and touring mosques.
12: Luxus in Istanbul - Yom Kippur at an Al-Qaeda-bombed synagogue followed by dancing to a Turkish jam band.
13: from Atatürk to JFK - Returning from our vacation in the Middle East.
14: hanging that Turkish lamp - I jump back into my household projects.
15: reality based roofing - I haul a hose up onto the roof and turn it on in hopes of finding a leak.
16: overheard at the curry house - Our typical Redhook diversion.
17: Windows XP and the energy jihad - But of course it doesn't work as intended.
18: northeast pillar girder - A productive use of a sunny October day.
19: when you hit a diamond - A review of a song by Lake Trout and a second girder for the laboratory deck.
20: recreational study assistant - Not much fun with pseudoephedrine.
21: Jon Stewart is much cleverer - Catching up on Tivo'd Daily Shows.
22: a case for malaria - Also, a good quote from Bill Maher.
23: do gooder wiring - And what to do when the lamp comes with exactly half the hardware you need.
24: cozy copper pipes - I insulate the pipes connecting the solar panel to the basement.
25: Wilma and obstinate misery - The remains of a hurricane pass as we continue to not heat our house.
26: go for it policy - Dog walking and coffee at Onteora Lake.
27: foam crazy - Running around with a can of Great Stuff.
28: costume shopping in Kingston, NY - Looking for outfits to transform into Mick Jagger and Yoko Ono.
29: shoes not made for walking - I make some retro-platform shoes out of my old dress shoes and attend a party dressed as Mick Jagger.
30: up to 45 - I finally attach the solar panel to the solar deck and raise it into position.
31: cozy outdoor hosies - I insulate the outdoor hoses that connect the solar panel to the indoor heating system.