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   Wilma and obstinate misery
Tuesday, October 25 2005
A pain somewhere inside the arch of my right foot that began sometime yesterday kept me hobbling around all day. This was just another in the growing list of personal discomforts, which includes the state of my right upper wisdom tooth and a couple unrelated sores in my mouth. Meanwhile, the fact that Gretchen and I are obstinately refusing to heat the house until November meant that it remained unpleasantly cool indoors throughout the day. Adding to the atmospherics of the misery was the weather outside, where drenching rains fell in slanting sheets, pushed along by the gusty outer bands of whatever remained of Hurricane Wilma.
Happily, though, the whole not heating the house thing provides plenty of ways to cheat. On two occasions today I made fires in the woodstove and I also took a hot bath (for which I had to temporarily turn on the boiler). Then, as I sat at my computer, I kept an electric hot pad running under my feet, ostensibly to ease that pain in the arch of my right foot. To keep the pad pressed firmly against my arch, I draped it across a one and a quarter inch copper fitting.

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