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Thursday, October 27 2005
The big news today was the withdrawal of Harriet Miers from consideration as a justice of the Supreme Court. I'd really been enjoying the nomination's effects on the Republican Party, which had seemed to be self-digesting with a frenzy I'd never seen before. This had been such fun that I was disappointed to see Miers' nomination yanked so early in the process. Surely it had yet to exhaust its presidency-wrecking potential! For a couple weeks there, particularly during the Miers nomination period, it seemed maybe Bush was running his presidency all by himself, and that had a sick entertainment value we may never live to experience again. But just as I think I've seen it all, these monkeys find a way to maintain my astonishment.

I was, perhaps, a bit over-zealous with the Great StuffTM foam spray today as I went around blasting it into various gaps that had been opened by that rash of early-fall construction (all of which had resulted from code compliance concerns). Biggest of these gaps were the two holes I'd put in the laboratory ceiling when installing the support pillars for the solar deck's south end.
But even after they were totally sealed, I had plenty of foam left over for goofy little side-projects that mostly involved the copper pipes carrying water through the house to and from the solar panel. Anywhere I saw exposed copper, I blasted it with foam. There ended up being a frightful amount of it in various places, particularly in the laboratory and in the boiler room. It's ugly as all hell, that foam. But I'm excited about the heat transfer efficiencies I can expect to see, if only the sun would come out for a couple of hours like it used to back in August.

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