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Sunday, January 6 2008
Gretchen's chapbook The Slow Creaking of Planets has arrived from the publisher and this afternoon the Golden Notebook, Woodstock's only bookstore, hosted a book release party and reading at Joshua's, a second floor bar/coffee shop. A surpringly large crowd showed up. They were mostly friends and members of Gretchen's reading group, though there were also some people I didn't know. Aside from the constant whine of Joshua's ventilation system and occasional blasts from the cappuccino machine, the reading went well. Unexpectedly, I even appreciated Gretchen's new series of animal rights poems, though they'd initially struck me as somewhat didactic back when she'd first shown them to me in the early summer.

Later a few of us (including Penny, our neighbor Andrea, and the only friend we have who has ever written a New York Times best seller) ate at the Garden Café.

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