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   cellphones and prisoners
Monday, January 28 2008
I had an orientation meeting at Bαrd College this morning, one of the prerequisites for being able to enter the prisons to do my job, which is to maintain Bard's computer facilities. There were about five of us being oriented and it only took an hour. We were informed about procedures, what is allowed in and what isn't, and we were given forms to fill out. Unfortunately, though, we were not shown a very low-budget movie depicting enactments of common swindles and confidence plays attempted by prisoners. Gretchen had told me that the movie has high camp value and was unintentionally very entertaining.
The one point that our orienter stressed more than any other was the verboten nature of cell phones. [I didn't know this at the time, but the anti-cellphone hysteria in the New York prison system results from an incident this summer in which an inmate used concealed cellphones to update a web page that was supposedly being used to coordinate gang-related activities. Or that is what prison authorities claimed. My interpretation is that the inmate was just updating his MySpace profile. Prisoners are always a little behind the curve when it comes to technology.] [REDACTED]

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