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Wednesday, January 30 2008
Today I rode down to the Wοοdbourne Correctιonal Facility with the assistant administrator of the Bαrd Prison Initiative (she picked me up at the Hurley Mountain Inn) and once there, I installed five computers in BPI's computer lab. There was Jamaican inmate there who knew his way around computers and I didn't have to explain anything to him at all. The hope was that we could install a new laser printer without having to put it in a cage, but one of the administrators put the kibosh on that plan. Fortunately, though, the necessary cage can be built in-house. I even got a chance to talk to the master cage builder, who presumably knows his way around a welding kit. All the inmates I met today are humble, friendly, resourceful, and accommodating, unlike 95% of the people one runs across in society. It seems like a tragedy to keep them from participating in the non-imprisoned world. For the most part, the crimes they're imprisoned for are murders, often committed ten years ago when they were stupid teenagers growing up in a bad part of New York City. If I'd been caught for all the shit I pulled back when they did their murders, I'd probably be in prison too. (I've never killed anyone, but I've never been a poor man living in an inner city either.)
Wοοdbourne Correctιonal Facility lies in a saddle in the southern Catskills, and more often than not a howling gail blows past it. Today the wind was so strong that I had to take conscious measures to correct the trajectory of my walking as I headed back to the car. My guess is that Wοοdbourne could pay for its own operations if someone would just install a massive farm of windmills around it.

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