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Tuesday, January 15 2008
This evening Gretchen and I played a "rousing game of Scrabble." Whenever we do this, we assume pseudonymns based on current events. In Iceland, one of us was "Snorrabraut" (the name of a Reykjavik street) and in Paris one of us was "Pamplemousse" (French for grapefruit). Tonight I was "Knee Bandage" and Gretchen was "Mattress on the Floor." Things went well for me; my second or third play of the game was "rotated" appended orthogonally at the "e" to the end of "fair" to make it "faire." This got rid of all my letters and the play yielded something like 77 points. Later Gretchen made a play in excess of 50 points, but she never caught me. As we played, we were both beset with horrible issues of intestinal gas. One of us would speak from the toothless one and then the other would answer. Fun times! At some point in the game Eleanor grew bored with us and ran up to Andrea's house and I had to go get her in the car since she's not supposed to run.

I was delighted tonight to learn that Mitt Romney had won the Michigan Republican primary. I don't think I detest Romney any less than anyone else who has actually thought about him, but it's delightful to watch Republicans flailing about as their party becomes a black hole sucking all that sucks into it. If there's a grimmer concentration of superstition, meanness, short-sightedness, bigotry, selfishness, hubris, and fear than the Republican party, I sure as hell can't imagine what it is.
There was another aspect of the Michigan primary that gladdened my evening: the poor showing of Giuliani. Dude almost did as poorly as uncommitted and came in well behind the bizzaro Republican who wants to pull all the troops out of Iraq! Any paragraph of text that gives me a fix of Giuliani schadenfreude is not something I am content just reading only once. Man, now that guy gives Cheney a run for his grimness. I want to believe in an afterlife just to entertain myself with visions of Giuliani turning on a spit in Hell.

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