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Friday, June 10 2011

I was weeding the garden today and wondered what I would do with all the weeds I was pulling out of the ground. They contained within their bodies nutrients that I had worked to put into that soil, as well as carbon they had fixed via photosynthesis from the atmosphere. I wanted to keep all of that within the nutrient bank of the garden soil, but I didn't want the weeds to sprout and live another day. So I dug a foot-deep hole and buried the weeds in that. It was a mini-Carboniferous in that pit, or will be in 300 million years or so.

At some point this afternoon, Gretchen and I watched the first episode of Tremé, which is now out on DVD. It's created by David Simon, famous for The Wire, everybody's favorite television show of all time. Tremé hopes to do for post-Katrina New Orleans what The Wire did for contemporary Baltimore, though I didn't find it as immediately engaging, and the acting was noticeably inferior. Still, I'm willing to give it a chance for a few more episodes. My favorite thread right now concerns Davis, a white radio DJ played by Steve Zahn. The character has the hotheadedness and poor decisionmaking of Ziggy from The Wire's 2nd season, and serves as a potential basis for any number of great plot developments.

This evening Gretchen and I drove to Woodstock to meet up with some friends for dinner at the Garden Café. These friends were Nancy, Deborah, Nancy's mother, and Nancy's sister Linda. Nancy's mother wasn't too versed in the nuances of vegan cuisine (the only kind you can get at the Garden) or, it seemed, food more complicated than the kind that comes with a side of baked potato.
After dinner, Gretchen and I walked our dogs on leashes eastward a few hundred feet down route 212 to the brand new Woodstock branch of our credit union (located across from Catskill Mountain Pizza) to get fee-free money from a cash machine. On the way, we noticed that the tattered remains of a ten year old American flag hanging from the gable of Woodstock Automotive had been replaced with a brand new copy of Old Glory. A plaque nearby thanked the US Navy Seals for bringing justice to "Pam," a woman who had presumably been killed in the tragic events of 9Eleven. Previously there had been a plaque in this same place promising to fly the old flag, no matter how tattered, until Pam got her justice. I'd been unclear what exactly they'd meant by this, but now that the station is crediting the Navy Seals for delivering Pam's justice, I have a pretty good idea. For her part, Gretchen wasn't impressed. "Pam is alive again!" she declared sarcastically.

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