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Tuesday, June 14 2011

I took the chainsaw with me when I walked Eleanor in the woods today (Sally didn't come at all). Prior to yesterday, it had been months since I'd last gone deep into the woods, and I'd noticed that there were a number of large trees that had fallen across the trail that needed to be cleared (some of these I'd known about, but others were new). Now that my chainsaw is working well, I made quick work of all of these, though I managed to get the blade badly pinched at one point and had to improvise a system of levers to free it. (Meanwhile Eleanor was watching me from fifty feet away with an expression I took to mean, "Um, I was pretty sure we were supposed to be going for a hike in the woods.") While executing the big loop in reverse (leaving on the Gullies trail and coming home on the Stick Trail), I also rebuilt a number of fallen cairns, feeling a little like a one-man renaissance coping with the vandalism of know-nothing Gothic invaders.

Our neighbor Andrea had fetched us some basil from somewhere (I think she still works as a gardener for some people with fairy tale landscaping), so I went over and picked it up, planting it in a pair of large pots near our house's front door. These pots are made of what appears to be high density polyethylene, and they've survived the winters pretty well (better, certainly, than the masonry pots, which have a tendency to crack). However, large polyethylene pots with somewhat more exposure to the sun seem to crack eventually. Indeed, one of our pots in a more exposed location shed all of its top "lip" (the part that turns momentarily horizontal at the top) this past winter.

I picked up Gretchen from the bus station at around 8:30 pm, bringing my two days of alone time to an end. She'd brought me half a vegan "chicken" sandwich from some place in City that specializes in vegan comfort food.

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