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Tuesday, December 13 2011
I'd updated my resume on on Thursday last week and ever since I've been deluged with jobportunities, most of them requiring me to move to New York City. Some, of course, want me to move as far away as Seattle (??!). It's clear, though, that updating your Dice resume is a good way to shake out interest among employers.
For some reason the calls came especially fast and furious today. There was a guy who wanted me to develop iPhone apps, but his Indian (dot, not feather) accent was so thick I had to make him repeat everything he said. There was a guy whose Craigslist posting I responded to who had a manic enthusiasm that I found off-putting (and besides, his company was in pre-startup mode and could pay no money). And then there was a recruiter calling on behalf of a typography firm. That one seemed dubious at first, because initially it was just another job requiring me to work in Manhattan. But it then turned out that the firm was comfortable with me working remotely. The recruiter was eager to set up a technical screening interview, so I offered four o'clock today, which at the time was only an hour and a half away. She was a little alarmed by that, wondering if I would have enough time to prepare. Evidently she is used to job applicants who are a little shaky on the skills they claim to have on their resumes, and normally they need to cram before a technical screen. For a moment she even doubted that I sincerely wanted this job, asking if I was in the final stages of cemented accepting someone else's offer. I said that I was not. As for the interview, it went very well. It didn't turn out to be a technical screen at all; it was more of a back and forth about the kind of work the typography company does and whether or not I would be a good fit. By the end there were working out a time for me to come down to their offices for a final interview. So it looks like I might soon be getting a real job, if not from this company than from some other one. Due to recent pressure exerted by Gretchen, I have several irons in the fire at this point.

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